HELP for Community "Hello, <name>" Dropdown Menu

At the top of every page to the right of the "Hello, <first name or username>" greeting, logged in users will see a "hamburger" menu with 3 stacked horizontal lines. When you click on that hamburger, a menu expands our from right to left and you see "MY COMMUNITY" as an option.  Click on "MY COMMUNITY" to expand and you will see many links.  This HELP article describes each of those menu links.

By understanding and using these powerful tools daily you can access the content and answers that will help you empower your company employees to be most productive with BlackBerry Enterprise Software solutions.


These links take you directly into different areas of your BlackBerry Online Account (formerly Good Online Profile) profile, community preference settings and community participation.These are just a subset of the robust features available so be sure to explore other links on these pages.

Inbox & Activity

This is a great place to visit first when you are in the community. Whenever anyone @mentions you in a post, shares a post with you and direct messages you, then you can easily find it in your "Inbox" so you don't miss valuable communications and can respond in a timely manner. "Actions" alert you when you have been accepted into a group you requested access to and various other notices (based on permissions). You can also see 'at a glance" recent "Activity" across all the areas you follow (with a filter to change that to see "all" community updates).


You can view and access all the content that you've created, participated in or are following across all the varied BlackBerry Enterprise Software community-based portals.

  • In the left column, you will see ability to filter based on content you've drafted (but not published), authored, participated in but not authored (for example, if you comment or like a discussion, document or video) and are following (note: you can follow people, places and content so if you are following a person then the content they generate shows up here).
  • Once you select a filter on the left then you can further filter by content type (blogs, discussions, documents, videos, etc) or tags.  And then there are some predefined sorts. 
  • Finally, notice the handy links in the left column to create content also.



Review who you are following in the communities and use the quick links to their profiles and private message/discussion. We have some very experienced customers, BlackBerry experts and BlackBerry Partners in our community that generously share their knowledge and best practices. We highly recommend you follow them so you don't miss learning from their updates. You can also view who is following you and consider following them back.


Quickly see all the places that you are following (spaces and groups), are a member of (groups) and are an owner of (groups are only owned by BlackBerry employees). Mouse over the name to see latest posting activity.

Email Preferences

You can receive email notifications in your corporate inbox when new activity happens. This page empowers you to set up or remove email notifications for posts, direct messages, shares, likes, @mentions and more. You can also sign up for an email digest that summarizes activity that you follow based on the frequency you choose (ex daily, weekly, etc).

Looking for "Profile & Privacy"

This feature has moved under "MY ONLINE ACCOUNT" and is named "Profile & Community Privacy". This feature allows you to view and edit your BlackBerry Online Account profile.  We encourage you to complete all profiles. We highly recommend that you upload a photo of yourself and set your avatar to that photo as well. It helps us build a stronger community. Studies show people respond better when they 'see' people. After completing your profile fields, then click on the "Privacy" tab to specify who, if anyone, you want to share that information. There are many flexible options under Privacy and you can even view your profiles as other see it.

I hope that helps as a quick overview. Don't hesitate to ask myself and BlackBerry Community Moderator questions about how you can best use this community functionality to meet your business needs.

Laura Douglas

BlackBerry Communities Manager