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iOS - GDAppDetail Class deprecated parameters - name,icon & address

paresh.karnawat Newbie

I am using GD version of framework in my iOS app and want to use GDAppDetail Class and its parameters such as name, icon, address. As I want to transfer files from my app to another GD app which is also supported by GD framework, I am using GDAppDetail class icon and address parameters to show how many apps are supported by GD and want to show them on TableView.


But when I was using GDAppDetail class instance as GDAppDetail *detail and accessing detail.name, detail.icon and detail.address it gives me warning in Xcode saying 'name' is deprecated: No longer required. Same warning I am able to get for all other parameters.


I have searched GDAppDetail class for alternate solution to access name, icon and address parameters but I was unlucky to find any.

So my query is whether any impact on our code using these deprecated parameters from GDAppDetail class on our code, if yes how to fix this or is there any alternative Class we can refer to add same functionality in code. If no, can I ignore those warnings and continue using same, but I am not sure till how long in future it will support.


Kindly suggest and let me know if you have any information on the same. Or, if it is going to be deprecated and removed, what are the plans ?